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Environmental Change built
on friendship

Where It
All Began

R.A.W. is made up of a group of individuals who have each had their own personal experiences with plastic pollution. We are driven by different stories but intertwined with one common outcome, returning our environments to their original, beautiful state and restoring another waterway, one piece of plastic at a time.

There are many ways you can help clean up the earth and contribute to eliminating plastic pollution.

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Our story

restoring Another

It all began with our effort to control and reduce our own plastic footprint. We began to save whatever plastic we used such as detergent, milk, and shampoo bottles, and straws collected from working bartending shifts. We would wash all the plastic and sort it by color.

The process began in a one-bedroom apartment on Elm Street in Greenville, North Carolina. We would cut all the plastic with scissors and melt the cut plastic in silicone molds in the oven. Eventually, we began using aluminum plates from a panini press and a tortilla bowl maker. The process was time-consuming and exhausting, however, the outcome was always exciting. Through trial and error and with the help of countless individuals in our community, we have made significant strides in our process. We now create our products in a small warehouse, collecting plastic from numerous businesses and eco-friendly residents of our community.

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