R.A.W Plastic

Restoring Another

Our Mission

restoring Another
Waterway Today

We aim to tackle plastic pollution through community engagement and education. It’s time to rethink plastic. We want to encourage our communities to think global and act local in order to keep our water clean and plastic-free. Through the organization of clean-up events and local pickups, we are restoring our waterways, one piece of plastic at a time.

Collect. Recycle. Create.

the Process

1. collection

We collect plastic from cleanups and donations from both residential areas and businesses.

2. disinfecting

The plastic waste is submerged in eco-friendly disinfecting fluid mixed with water, then dried overnight under dehumidifiers.

3. sorting & shredding

The cleaned plastics are sorted by type and color, then processed by a plastic granulator.

4. repurpose

Plastic is repurposed using three methods: compression, injection, and extrusion. This process leads to the creation of multiple-use plastic products.

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A Global Problem


Tons of plastic dumped in
ocean so far this year.